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Free Store

Partnering with the non-profit Turpin Cares, Morgan Park Presbyterian Church, and Beverly Area Planning Association, we host two sites. Our first site located at the Community Room at BAPA, 11109 S. Longwood Dr. (corner of Longwood and 111th Street) distributing first aid and hygiene products. We do not believe that hygiene or first aid should be a luxury. Our second site, across the street, located at Morgan Park Presbyterian Church 11052 South Longwood Dr. distributing fresh produce, dairy, non perishables, and pre-cooked meat. No questions asked.

The Food Free Stores are open every Wednesday 3-6 PM. Please contact us if you have any donations.

Toiletry Free Store Every first Saturday of the month 10-11am

Community Pantry Box

Take what you need. Give what you can.

The emergency pantry box is located in the Edna White Memorial Garden east of the 22nd District Police Station corner of 111th (Monterey) and S. Esmond Ave. Filled with non-perishables, neighbors who are food instable may take what they need 24/7. The box is replenished regularly by Turpin Cares and locals who want to help. Fresh vegetables will be made available from the garden as they ripen. This project is in partnership with the 19th Ward Mutual Aid group, Turpin Cares, the Beverly Area Arts Alliance, and the Edna White Memorial Garden.

Nice Chicks with Sewing Machines

Nice Chicks with Sewing Machines who make masks, headbands and “mask extenders” for health care workers, first responders and other community groups with the greatest need. The 19th Ward Mutual Aid group helps in distributing masks at the Free Store as well as to assisted living residents or wherever the need arise.

Food Distribution

Delivering fresh produce to families in need that are unable to attend local food pantries or are hesitant due to the associated stigma. We focus on perishable items, because it is often the case in urban areas there are food deserts. With the onset of violence, the citywide food distribution network has been disrupted. We are here to help fill the need.


The shelter-in order has put a lot of strain on families. We are working with several social service providers to get our residents the help they need. From domestic abuse to dysfunctional living situations, we put the right people together. We do not want anyone to fall through the cracks. Healthy, both in body and mind, make better citizens.

We are looking to help in whatever our neighborhood needs. Be it children’s activities due to the closures of so many parks and camps., or our older adults and those who have physical disabilities who need help. We have volunteers to help. Again, just neighbors helping neighbors.