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Hello all,

Pass the potatoes because tummies were filled with Thanksgiving joy. And not because the Chicago Bears eked out a win that day. The Thanksgiving giveaway was a huge success. We fed 59 families representing 209 grandmas, grandads, moms, dads, children and neighbors.

After some thought…

What the heck! Lets do it again for the holiday season!

Tomorrow Wednesday December 15th is the big Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!

Turpin Cares will be ladling out holiday cheer along with hygiene and 1st aid. Southside KIN will be warming our neighbors with cozy coats. Pup Quiz will be sharing fun games for kids (sssh…there might be some learning stuff in their too, but don’t tell the kids).

Morgan Park Presbyterian Church
2017 West 110th Place
Chicago, IL 60643


Beverly Arts Alliance made a huge donation from the proceeds of  their recent exhibit Humanly Possible. It was a big help in offsetting the cost of turkeys for this Thanksgiving. Thank YOU!!

oy Scout Troop 609 delivered!

The Troop fanned the neighborhood and came back with nearly 125 bags of food donations and probably 70 bags of coats/hats/gloves. Such as bonanza needs to be picked through and ready for packing. Like Thanksgiving, we are going to pack boxes tomorrow and have the boxes available for our neighbors on December 15th so swing on by and we’ll drop them into their trunks.


We will be meeting on December 15th at 2PM to setup for our food distribution.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors!

See you there!

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