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Hello all,

The first full week in June is known to be National Garden Week. Time to dust off the gardening tools and start digging and planting. Reaping your rewards will come later this summer. It is just the back-breaking stuff now. (Can you tell I am not a gardener?) There are Garden clubs all across America, for more information check out gardenclub.org.

Speaking of gardening we are set to reconvene the gardening group. We have the design and a rough total in costs (thank you Wendy and Susan!). Let me know if you want to be added to the list and we will review the design and costs and determine next steps.

On the same note, tomorrow will be the first week since March that we will not have our USDA food boxes. Don’t fear, we have prepared for this. We have our refrigerator and freezer stocked with milk, cheese, meat, and yogurt ready for our neighbors.

From Pandemic to Picnic.

We will be hosting a get to know you AND your face party on June 27th from 12-4PM at the Edna White Gardens (1850 W Monterey Ave. Chicago). This is an opportunity to meet and talk about what a year it has been, and hopefully never have to live through another pandemic again. Any questions just ping me and I will let you know the deets.

Bags, plasticware (fork/spook/knife/napkin), and plastic egg cartons

  • If you have reusable bags, we can use for them.
  • If  you have the plasticware from takeout, we can use them.
  • Plastic egg cartons, we can use them too.

Please consider donating them to us? If you cannot drop them off at the church, email me directly and we can figure some way to get the bags.

Tom Skilling Reports

Cloudy and 72. Not too bad, huh? If you have some time, consider volunteering. We start setting up around 2PM on Wednesdays at the Morgan Park Presbyterian Church located at 11052 S Longwood Dr. in Morgan Park. It would be great if you can make it out and join us.

Wishing you the very best.



Number of family members312
Number of cars61

Total to date: 4,737 families with 16,625 family members.

Up to date graph. Top line: number of people; bottom line: number of families.

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