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Hello All,

Monday is Memorial Day. For many of us it is a nice time to spark up the grill for the inaugural grilling season. The start of summer. To many others it is a time to reflect on the cost of freedom and its heavy toll. In the public discourse in the last few years, people claimed to be patriots. Often times, you will never hear from the real patriots. Their experience can only be discussed with others who shared similar experiences. How do you talk about mind numbing boredom, punctuated with moments when you look directly into the face of death. I had the honor to work with the Gold Star families in restoring the Chicago Council of Gold Star Mothers monument in the Darn Ryan Woods. The true heroes and their families are what makes Monday special. If you can find a couple of minutes on Monday and remember a veteran. Say their name out loud and remember their sacrifices.

Below are a list of soldiers from Morgan Park Academy formerly known as Morgan Park Military Academy

World War I
Lester W AllenWalter B BirklandClarence J BremerLloyd C ButeJohn R HubbardLothar R LongCharles Val Hoffman
World War II
Charles J AndersenGeorge E BaxterRoy W BothWilliard B BranitRobert W Caley Cutler Robert C Dempesy 
Richard J EngelmanWilmer EslerPhilip A FalkWalter GehrigWilson A GeneserPerry Kenneth GilsonRobert Goss 
Warren L GuderyahnRay HallbauerA Paul Heinze JrGeorge H Herrmann JrArthur Lowell HowarthAlfred D HustonFrank J Jerome III 
Albert W KasperRichard E KernsJohn G KanelosJohn G KanelosAlfred R LakemeyerFrank T McHough JrHoward A Martin 
David B MilesCharles H MuellerJohn M NelsonRobert M ParchmanEmerson ParkerAlfred C ProudfootHerbert S Reid 
Robert C SchipplockOliver Willard ShrewsburyLeroyh SteelmanElmer D StillwellJames A SmithRobert S SullivanLeonard F Telfer
Robert C WallaceAlbert E WeinbergCharles L WescottClarence F WiegmanFrank WojniakArthur A VersenDonald W Yarrow 
Larned V BearseThomas D BlazinaJohn CoghillHarry DavisLaurence A Frank Jr.Thomas E. Hadley 

Our of the Box

Tomorrow is our last day of the USDA Farmers to Families food box program. From the USDA’s website:

Farmers to Families Food Box Program Sunsets in May

The Farmers to Families Food Box program will end on May 31, 2021. It was designed and implemented as a temporary, emergency relief effort to respond to severe market disruption caused by a global pandemic. The environment today is much different than when this program was created at the beginning of the pandemic and the condition of our economy has continued to improve since the start of the year

Fear not, we have some wonderful partners and we will keep on going as long as we can. Perhaps the program will resume in some form, but in the meantime we will lean heavily on our partners to get us through the dry times.

Film Class

We will soon have the classes posted on our YouTube channel for students that missed any classes.


We are working the numbers. We were able to get a fence built for the abuse shelter and now we have a plan for the garden. Next step is putting numbers to that plan.

Bags, plasticware (fork/spook/knife/napkin), and plastic egg cartons

  • If you have reusable bags, we can use for them.
  • If  you have the plasticware from takeout, we can use them.
  • Plastic egg cartons, we can use them too.

Please consider donating them to us? If you cannot drop them off at the church, email me directly and we can figure some way to get the bags.

Tom Skilling Reports

Tomorrow should be partly cloudy. If you get up early enough you will see the Super Flower Blood Moon. This will happen right before sunrise. At any rate we should have mid 80s for our distribution tomorrow. If you have some time, consider volunteering. We start setting up around 2PM on Wednesdays at the Morgan Park Presbyterian Church located at 11052 S Longwood Dr. in Morgan Park. It would be great if you can make it out and join us.

Wishing you the very best.



Number of family members314
Number of cars62

Total to date: 4,664 families with 16,407 family members.

Up to date graph. Top line: number of people; bottom line: number of families.

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