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Hello All,

The Forgotten Edition? Yep, I forgot to send this out last night.

“Research on the forgetting curve (Figure 1) shows that within one hour, people will have forgotten an average of 50 percent of the information you presented. Within 24 hours, they have forgotten an average of 70 percent of new information, and within a week, forgetting claims an average of 90 percent of it.”

So there you have it.

The Free Film Class for elementary and high school students is in the proverbial “can”, as they say. We completed our last class last night. We have recorded the classes and will have available for viewing on our YouTube channel. Stay Tuned!

BELLisimo Lasagna Ladies are making lasagnas for our neighbors to give them “Night Off”. Now that using your noodle. (No extra cost for the jokes)

Garden Show

we are continuing to get pricing. Once we know the costs we can start the fundraiser to for the garden.

Bags, plasticware (fork/spook/knife/napkin), and plastic egg cartons

  • If you have reusable bags, we can use for them.
  • If  you have the plasticware from takeout, we can use them.
  • Plastic egg cartons, we can use them too.

Please consider donating them to us? If you cannot drop them off at the church, email me directly and we can figure some way to get the bags.

This afternoon we might get a little bit of rain. But we might not. Soooo, if you have some time, consider volunteering. We start setting up around 2PM on Wednesdays at the Morgan Park Presbyterian Church located at 11052 S Longwood Dr. in Morgan Park. It would be great if you can make it out and join us.

Wishing you the very best.



Number of family members316
Number of cars62

Total to date: 4,588 families with 16,178 family members.

Up to date graph. Top line: number of people; bottom line: number of families.

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