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Hello All,

If you recall there was a jingle that went something like,

In the land of sky blue waters, waters

In the land of sky blue dreams, dreams

Hamms the beer refreshing

Hamms the beer refreshing


So why do I bring up the old Hamms beer commercial? Well this week we are going to be distributing hams not Hamms. We are in the midst of Easter week and we thought that it would be nice to have something special for our neighbors who will be visiting us this week. We had a large donation from FairPlay several months ago and the hams were very popular. Well, now as people are celebrating Easter, we wanted to provide hams again. By the way, National Beer Day: April 7 (completely coincidental to the afore mentioned beer).

Pat’s is the place to be

Last week Pat’s pantry opened for business. They are located in Mt Greenwood and a partner with the 19th Ward Mutual Aid. Kathy Turney opened Pat’s pantry in honor of her son to help out our neighbors in the Mt Greenwood area. The first distribution went very well. Pat’s Pantry is open from 3PM to 6PM and located at Mt. Greenwood Community Church, 3509 W. 111th St. There will be hams!

Basta Pasta

Last Wednesday we handed out flyers to our neighbors. The flyers advertised that the BELLisimo Lasagna Ladies will prepare a pan of lasagna to help us through these crazy times. As you might of guessed, it was a big success. It was so successful, we are holding back handing out the flyers this week, as to catch up.

Go to www.19aid.com/lasagna

The Garden

We had a call on Friday to discuss planning out the garden. We are doing some site visits of other community gardens and sketching up ideas. Please consider letting me know if you are interesting in joining our group designing a garden for the local shelter.

Continue the legacy…of your reusable bags.

If you have any of the reusable bags that you are not using, please consider donating them to us? If you cannot drop them off at the church, email me directly and we can figure some way to get the bags.

Get the popcorn ready.

Our first film class will start May 3rd at 5PM. We are hosting a series of classes on how to create your own film. The online movie class is for elementary and high school students in the area. You do not need fancy equipment to make a film. The first film class is what it takes to tell a story. The kids can use their own themes, but we would like to focus on Being a Student in the Time of COVID. Since so much of our life is revolved around COVID, we have a lot of room to accommodate all stories. We have some industry speakers that plan on attending. Details forthcoming.

Map locating food banks in and around the 19th ward and organized by aid group.  https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1_j7rfsULRy4ZLT1NZwF0nT0S8jHReWYn&usp=sharing.

We would not be anywhere without our volunteers. If you have some time, we start setting up around 2PM at the Morgan Park Presbyterian Church located at 11052 S Longwood Dr. in Morgan Park. It would be great if you can make it out and join us.

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