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We hear the tearing of the fabric of our society, but this is not the violence and looting that we are watching on TV. The ripping noise comes from many years of systematic abuse and failure. How many slayings of young men of color can you think of? Do you remember their names? There are just too many. Too many killings without justice. Too many never brought to court. Too many buried case files. He was a threat; he was running away. Too many excuses.
What will come of this? People are scared. People are angry. What will come of this?
Do I believe for a minute that things will change? Do I think George Floyd’s name sitting on top of the long, long list of black men who have been murdered with impunity will change our society? Nope, not for a minute. The question is, do we have hope? Hope we can change things. Hope to be the examples of what we want to be. Years ago, I told my wife that I only wished I could be the person my toddler son believed me to be. I try. I can only try. Yet this starts inside each person. It is about choices. Each person needs to look inside themselves and see the person your child believes you to be and channel this to change the world. If not for you, but for your children. When you see an injustice, call it out. Make a point and learn, educate yourself. Why are there so many black and brown people in poverty? Why do they get the short end of the stick when it comes to education, jobs, housing options, and justice? Why? Why? Why? Don’t take anything for granted. Ask yourself this question, is this the world you want to live in? Are we our brother’s keeper? Our answer needs to be, Yes. Otherwise, where will we be? At home in fear when someone walks by your window, only to see it was the mailman. I do not want to live in fear. I do not want to be under siege. The only way is not to build walls or isolate ourselves. The only way is to change the injustices and welcome others with open arms. After all, we are all brothers & sisters. Sisters and brothers who cannot live on their own, we need each other.

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